School of Nimbus Dance Works


The School of Nimbus Dance Works offers top-tier training in Ballet and Modern Dance and exposure to other dance forms for children, teens and adults.  The school emphasizes small classes, excellent instruction, and opportunities for students to perform alongside Nimbus Dance Works company dancers, including the annual Jersey City Nutcracker production.  Classes are taught by company dancers who have taught Ballet, Modern Dance and other techniques to a variety of age groups.  With need-based scholarships provided through grant support, the school draws students from across Jersey City to ensure access to quality dance education regardless of economic circumstances.  Our main focus is to give students the opportunity to explore creativity and movement while advancing their technique with traditional formation, so that those who are interested in pursuing dance as a career receive the preparation they need.

But, our classes are also fun!  So, for those students who simply want to explore creative expression through dance, our classes provide a challenging, yet supportive environment!  Stay tuned to our calendar for master classes and other exciting additions to our curriculum.